Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Church in Krylos

Krylos village, Halych district
GPS coordinates: 49.08555603 24.69744682


Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church is a part of the National Reserve "An Ancient Halych". The new Cathedral of the Assumption of

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church is a part of the National Reserve "An Ancient Halych". The new Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Cathedral was built in 1586 near the Assumption Cathedral of the 12th century from its stone blocks, with the repetition of certain elementsща the previous church planning structure. For the contemporaries, this event became an act of reconstruction of the Assumption Cathedral, and in some documents, the newly built church was called "a new cathedral".

A descendant of the noble family Marko Shumlianskyi, Halychyna’s nobleman, built it. Right after the prohibition act for rebuilding stone temples in Halychyna was cancelled; he had addressed to the famous Italian schoolmasters and invited them to Krylos. In 1676, the Church suffered from extensive destruction caused by Tatar and Turkish attacks. In 1699-1702, the temple was built of the white stone in the Renaissance style, and at the same time a defensive fortification was built around the Church including brick walls, corner towers and a gate. In 1815-1824, the repair work was carried out. In 1928, the temple was restored, and in 1915, it was burned by a direct hit of the artillery shells, only the miraculous icon of the Blesses Virgin Mary remained intact. In 1974-1975, the Church was restored with adaptation to the exposition of the local museum. After leaving the underground, the Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church is being used by the Greek Catholic community of the Krylos village. In 2001-2002, works were held to reconstruct the dimensional structure of the temple and a four-pillar dome was added.

The beautiful decoration of the Church is the Halychyna Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God - a copy of the princely time. An image of a fairy-tale creature - a winged snake carved in the north wall of the narthex is an original monument of an ancient Halychyna stone sculpture of the 12th century.

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