Carpathian National Nature Park

Photo Dmytro Balkhovitin

Vasyl Stus Str., Yaremche city

The Carpathian National Nature Park was created by the Council of the USSR Ministers Resolution as of third of June, 1980 № 376. In 1921, a Reserve, aiming to protect the Chornohora virgin forests, was created within its present territory (land area of - 447 hectares). From 1968 to 1980, a part of Park’s present territory was part of the Carpathian State Nature Reserve. Hoverlianske and Vysokohirne Forestries were detached, during the process of The Carpathian National Nature Park creation.

The park is located in the highest and most picturesque parts of the Chornohora and Gorgany massifs. The main part of its territory covers the upper reaches of the Prut River and its tributaries; rest of the territory is in the Chornyi Cheremosh basin.


Due to good climatic conditions, biogeographic originality, ethnographic monuments, park territory has been traditionally used for recreational and tourist purposes, from the beginning of the 20th century. More than 50 tourist routes and eco-trails have been created in the park, a network of stationary recreation points has been established, rural tourism infrastructure has been developed, and several establishments of in-patient recreation (sanatoriums, health resorts, health camps, etc.) are operating.

The most interesting objects for tourists are Ecotourism Visit Center, Animals Rehabilitation Center (based on aviary farm), Barefoot Trail, park-museum "Carpathians in miniature", "Probiy" waterfall and others.

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