Dniester Canyon

Tlumach and Horodenka districts


The Dniester River forms Dniester canyon by washing out rocks from the Podilsk hills. On a 250-km length, it stretches between Zolota Lypa and Zbruch mouths, flows along a distinct canyon-shaped valley, with a depth of 80-200 m, forming picturesque curves of the channel - meanders.

These Dniester meanders and the steep slopes of the canyon have created favorable conditions for paragliding and hang-gliding, that are not only separated kind of sports, but also a wonderful recreation for locals and guests of Prykarpattia.

The warm climate in the canyon distinguishes it from other territories of western Ukraine. The walls of the canyon retain the heat of the sun, causing greens to bloom 2-3 weeks faster in spring. Rafting down the Dniester lasts from 2 to 7 days and is one of the most interesting adventures in Ukraine. Significant fluctuations in relief on short distances give a mountain character to the terrain.

The canyon is a kind of geological museum, where the original geological, botanical and hydrological nature monuments are collected. They form unique landscapes. Particularly striking with its unique grottoes and waterfalls steep rocky shores. Wooded and grassy slopes are a real home for hundreds of animals and birds’ species