"Dovbush’ Cellars"

Synytsia mountain range, Verkhovyna district


"Dovbush' Cellars" is a rocky canyon in the Synytsia mountain range. The massif is located in the lower part of the valley between Bilyi and Chornyi Cheremosh rivers, which flow through Hryniava Mountains and are very close to Verkhovyna village.

Four settlements are located around, including Kryvorivnia, Verkhniy Yaseniv, Verkhovyna and Krasnoillia. The highest peak of the Synytsia mountain massif rises to 1186 m. asl. It has rounded top with small stone rocks. This place is called "Dovbush' Churches".

Towards the northwest of Synytsia, one can see Dovbushanka Mountain, which height is 1100 m. asl. The natural rocky corridor (canyon), presented with rocks and dungeons caves, is a product of the weathering of yamnytsia sandstones. The massive rocky cliffs are separated by a deep narrow gorge.

Dovbushanka Mountain had attracted special attention of an ancient Hutsuls from the surrounding villages. The sacral cult of this mountain is due to the fact, that at its top there are two huge rocks made of stone, looking like they are reaching the sky. They are separated by a narrow and deep gorge, at the bottom of which is a mysterious stone cave. These two stone cliffs at the top of the mountain and the underground stone cave at the bottom of this interspace gorge, that in pre-Christian times, were a pagan rock-cave sanctuary for our distant ancestors, and later on - the winter sedge of Oleksa Dovbush and his opryshky. At present time, these sacred rocks have a historical name of the "Dovbush' Cellars". According to the legend, he hid his treasures in this place.

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