Dovbush’ rocks

Photo by Ruslan Veselui

near Bubnysche village, Bolekhiv City Council
GPS coordinates: 49.04334 23.681653


The complex nature monument of national importance "Dovbush rocks" is located at an altitude of 600 m above the sea level on a territory of 100 ha. Whimsical sandstone cliffs up to 50 m high were formed more than 70 million years ago, at the bottom of the warm sea. A 200 m wide stone maze in a beech forest stretches for almost 1 km from the east to the west. Rising rocks serve as a training ground for alpinists and climbers. Ivan Franko often visited Dovbush rocks, and his son Taras while exploring the history of the rocks origin, denied the scientists assumption that pagan temples had existed here. After the Christianity spreading in the Carpathians, cave monasteries arose in such places, and later - guard fortresses, in which the local inhabitants stayed during the Mongol-Tatar invasion. In 1744, during the march to Drohobych, Carpathian opryshky under the Oleksa Dovbush command had stayed here (the rocks were named after his name|). Several caves with clear geometric shapes and flat surfaces have been carved into the rock walls. They were used as rest rooms, warehouses, stables. A clear image of lion's head is visible on the wall, on the right of the caves.

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