Photo  Serhii Poliushko

Verkhovyna district
GPS coordinates: 48.10259628 24.68105507


Dzembronia village (Berestechko - until 2009) is located on the Chornohora randge slopes and is one of the highest mountain settlements in Ukraine. It is part of the Carpathian National Nature Park.
Dzembronia has been popular destination for a long time. Well-known writers such as Lesia Ukrainka, Vasyl Stefanyk, producer Sergei Paradzhanov had visited this place. Until today, this location impresses and fascinates tourists by the the fact, that it is not touched by civilization.
To the southwest of the village on the stream Munchel (it flows into the Dzembronia river), you can see the Dzembronia (Smotrytskyi) waterfall cascades. To the north of the village, there are Kosaryshche and Stepanskyi meadows - a beautiful location to admire the Chornohora range.
The picturesque Dzembronia nature attracts tourists all year round. This is a place where many Chornohora Mountain tourist routes are beginning.