"Halychyna's Tomb"

Krylos village, Halych district
National Reserve "Ancient Halych"


The unique burial mound (26 m in diameter) is located at the highest point of the Krylos fortress - 315.8 m, in the Kachkiv tract, on the territory of the National Reserve "An Ancient Halych”. Once upon a time, it was a high hill overlooking at the capital Halych city. A chronicler, while retelling about the difficult political events of the early 13th century in Halychyna, referred to call that hill "Halychyna’s Tomb".

The prominent Ukrainian historian M. Hrushevskyi believed that the founder of Halych could have been buried in Halychyna’s tomb. The search for the tomb began in the 19th century. Only at the end of the 19th century T. Zemenetskyi concluded that the Halychyna’s tomb - is an alone mound, located at the highest point in the Kachkiv tract.

During the archaeological excavations in 1991-1993, here in the symbolic burial place, the remains of a dugout canoe were found, as well as the outfit of a noble warrior - a dagger, a dart and arrowhead, three axes, a tesla, a gilding from a shield, and other findings. Scientists date these items to the 10th century. In 1998, on the 1100-year Halych anniversary, the monument was musealised and became one of the unique object of Krylos Mountain, a supplement to an Ancient Halych History Museum