Ivano-Frankivsk City Hall

4A Halytska Str., Ivano-Frankivsk city
GPS coordinates: 48.922732 24.710350


The first town hall in the city was built in 1672, in the late Renaissance style. It looked like a nine-story round tower with a stone base. The building was rebuilt several times. After experiencing significant devastation during the World War I, the city hall, after its reconstruction in 1935 acquired a cruciform appearance and has this appearance until today.

The tower, rising from the base of the cross, has a height of 49.5 m and ends with a kind of dome that resembles a military helmet. Over 1999-2000, during last overhaul, its dome (37 square meters) was gilded, that made it unique civilian construction in Ukraine.

Today the Regional Museum of Local History is located in the building

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