Verkhovyna district
GPS coordinates: 48.174551 24.897527


Kryvorivnia - one of the oldest villages in the Hutsul region. Famous ethnographer V. Hnatiuk called it "Ukrainian Athens". At the beginning of the 20th century, for several months, this village became a Ukrainian center of culture and literature. Almost every summer, from 1900 to 1914, great stonemason Ivan Franko used to live, create and rest in village center. There is a literary-memorial museum of the writer in this house now. This village was a place for meetings, work and leisure of Ukrainian culture prominent figures: M.Hrushevskyi, M.Kotsiubynskyi, Mark Cheremshyna, O.Kobylianska, V.Stefanyk, Lesia Ukrainka, G.Khotkevych. It created such masterpieces of Ukrainian cinematography as "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors", "Annychka", "Dovbush". The name of the settlement comes from the winding shores of Chornyi Cheremosh River that is the hilly plain/Kryva rivnia.

On the Verkhovyna - Kosiv highway to the north of the village, there is a picturesque Bukovets Pass (810 m). Nearby there are nature monuments: "Pysanyi Kamin" rocks and "Skelnyi Korydor Dovbushanky". In the western part of the village, there is a protected area "Zarichia". Varatyn Mountain (1038 m) is located to the south of the village, to the north - the Ihrets range.