Maniava waterfall

Maniava village, Bohorodchany district
GPS coordinates: 48.655617 24.392831


The Maniava (or Maniavskyi) waterfall starts at the top of the mountain river Maniavka, 3.5 km from the Maniava village. The height of the waterfalls is 18 m. The riverbed below the waterfall forms a stone canyon. A small lake is formed under the waterfall.

Around the waterfall, there are fir-beech forests; you can breathe easily and with pleasure. The waterfall is turbulent after heavy rains and floods, full of water in the spring and in rainy season, covered with ice chimeras in winter - it always amazes with its uniqueness and magic, which compels you to come back here once again.

There are three small waterfalls on the Maniavka river - Maniavskyi Malyi (1.5 m) - GPS coordinates: 48.62479782 24.30340958; Maniavskyi Zadniy (3 m) - GPS coordinates: 48.62414932 24.30307770; Maniavskyi Peredniy (3 m) - GPS coordinates: 48.62834167 24.30734444.

Hydrological natural monument of national significance.

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