Maricheika Lake

Shybene village, Verkhovyna district
GPS coordinates: 48.0347105 24.65850279999995


The Maricheika Lake is located in the southern part of the Carpathian National Park, on the northeast slope of Shuryn Mountain. One of the highest peaks of the Ukrainian Carpathians - Pip Ivan (2022 m) is situated on the northwest of the lake. Maricheika is a glacial lake. The length of the lake - 88 m, the width - 45 m, the height above the sea level - 1510 m. The maximum depth - 0.8 m. The basin is elongated. The shores are low, partly covered by subalpine meadows, partly by thickets of sedge, surrounded by forest of spruce and mountain pine. Underground and partially atmospheric waters feed it. The water is fresh and clean. The bottom is flat and silt. A stream from the lake flows into the Pohorilets River (left tributary of Shybene, Chornui Cheremosh basin).

The name of the lake is associated with an interesting legend. Back in the days, when our land was attacked and threatened by enemies who destroy everything on their way, mountains where the only save place. One day enemies reached people even here. From a distance, Marichka, the bride of the shepherd Ivan, noticed the strangers and said: "My dear, run to our relatives and warn them about the deadly danger, meanwhile I will try to stop them here." He did not want to agree to do it, but also he could not condemn his parents, family, and the whole Hutsul people to the faithful death. The beauty girl was left alone, proudly crossing the road to the black forces. Angry enemies grabbed her, tortured and demand to lead them out of the mountains. Marichka brought evil enemies into such thickets, that no one could ever be able to get out of it. Naked sabers whistled over the head of the beauty. However, terrible thunderstorms had erupted, the mountains were lifted from the place, the stones fell on the heads of the hordes, and the deep dips of the earth drifted apart. The invaders had found their death in it. The Hutsul defender Marichka also had died. Beautiful and majestic lake Maricheika was born from Ivanko’s tears