National Reserve "An Ancient Halych"

1 Ivan Franko Street, Halych town
GPS coordinates: 49.122132 24.726033


The National Reserve "An Ancient Halych" was created to preserve Halych historical and cultural monuments in conservation areas that cover almost 80 square km of an ancient Halych lands and its environs.
A number of national and world significance monuments including foundations of 14 chronicle churches of the 12th-13th centuries, more than 200 archeology monuments, 18 environmental protection objects that are organically linked to historical and architectural monuments, are under protection. Museum of History of an Ancient Halych, Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Prykarpattia, Regional Natural Landscape Park are situated on the territory of the Reserve. An Ancient Halych - is the capital of Halych, and later Halych-Volhynia principality - unique historical and archeological monument of national significance. In 1994, a State Historical and Cultural Reserve was created based on the historical and cultural monuments complex (the 16th-17th centuries). According to the Ukrainian President Decree, it had received the status of National and the official modern name.

St. Panteleimon Church (12th century), Nativity of Christ Church (14th-16th centuries), Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Church (16th century), and Carmelite monastery complex (17th century) are situated on the territory of the National Reserve “An Ancient Halych”. "Halychyna Grave", mentioned in Halych-Volhynia chronicle, the legendary Prince's well, the foundations of magnificent Assumption Cathedral (12th century) with the burial place of Prince Yaroslav Osmomysl and the Chapel of St. Vasyl (15th century) are also located here

A system of defense structures with several rows of powerful shafts has been preserved in Krylos village (on the Reserve territory).

The walls of Halych Castle of 9th -13th -17th centuries are located on the picturesque hill above the Dniester River. In addition, there are more than 200 archeological monuments in the Reserve; its documents describe the establishment and further development of the historic city. In general, unlike other Ukrainian cities, where the cultural layer of the past centuries is largely damaged, or destroyed by underground communications and modern structures, princely Halych still retains treasures of an ancient culture. Monuments of an Ancient Halych are carefully preserved and restored.

During 1995-2005, the historic center of an ancient city with its monuments, St. Panteleimon Church, Assumption Church, St. Vasyl Chapel, and a number of monuments of folk architecture had been restored.