"Pysanka" museum

43 Chornovola ave., Kolomyia town
GPS coordinates: 48.922732 24.710350


An architectural structure in the shape of the world's largest Easter egg had become a business card of Kolomyia that attracts visitors from all countries. The grand opening of the Easer eggs painting Museum took place on September 23, 2000, during the International Hutsul festival.

The director Y. Tkachuk developed the concept of museum exposition, so Kolomyia artists V. Andrushko and M. Yasinskyi brought it to life. An exposition of the Museum includes more than 12,000 eggs and decorative eggs from different regions of Ukraine and countries of the world. The Easter paintings collection preserves the traditions of pre-Christian times.

According to museum tradition, when high public office representatives visit it, they receive a white egg, a melted beeswax and a pen from a professional egg painter. Than they leave their autograph on the surface of the egg, then it is painted as an Easter egg. The exposition of the museum contains Easter eggs with the signatures of the Presidents of Ukraine L. Kuchma, V. Yushchenko, and other prominent political figures of Ukraine.

According to the results of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine event, the Museum was ranked number 8 by votes of Internet users and took 17th place according to expert votes.

In 2017, due to visitor’s high rating, the painted mural Museum received a distinction certificate from the world-famous TripAdvisor traveler site, which contains over 500 million reviews of tourist destinations around the world.


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