St. Vasylii Velykyi Church in Cherche

Cherche village, Rohatyn district
GPS coordinates: 49.43090439 24.56057549


First mentioning of the Church was described in the lustration of the Russian Voivodeship in 1564-1565. It is unknown when the first building was built. Last records in the "Keys of Understanding" by Joanykiia Haliatovskoho in 1653, show that in 1708 there was a St. Vasyliy Velekyi Church in the village. The new church was built in 1733, according to the inscription on the southern doorways that lead to "babinets" (women part of the church) of the old village church. It is likely, that the temple is more ancient and dates to at least 16th century. In 1733, it was moved to a new place.

Both the history and the architecture of the temple are special. The Church is one of the brightest representatives of the Boiko Folk School. The construction is exquisite by its early three-section system. The overlapping of the sections forms tents that brings authenticity to the building. The central section of the Church is much taller and wider than the other two, but with well-preserved proportions, which makes the temple look particularly harmonious and complete. It should be noted, that all three crosses on the church are completely different and do not repeat each other.

In the 1970s, the Church was under reconstruction, but the originality of the building was kept.

An architectural monument of national significance.