Stone railway bridge (Viaduk) in Vorokhta

Vorokhta village, Yaremche Сity Сouncil
GPS coordinates: 48.284832 24.542748


The appearance of the Viaduk, which is a true architectural marvel of the late 19th - early 20th centuries, is connected with the laying of the railway track in the Carpathians. In 1894, a track was laid along the route Stanislav (now - Ivano-Frankivsk) - Nadvirna - Voronenko with the adjacent line Dilovo - Yasinia - Voronenko from Transcarpathia side. Thus, a path about 135 km long was formed, which in plans should had become a straight line through the Carpathians to the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy - Vienna. The First World War and the next division of land between the states hampered the implementation of this development. However, this exact laying of the railway to Vorokhta helped village to become a famous Polish ski resort at that time. The bridge was built in 1894-1895. Its length is 200 m, prolongation of the central arch - 30 m

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