Ternoshore Lada

border of two highland villages - Snidavka and Yavoriv, Kosiv district.


A unique rock complex on the southern slope of Ternoshorska Mountain (989.9 m asl). The Ternoshorske sanctuary - is an ancient pagan sanctuary of our ancestors, one of the most powerful places of strength in the Carpathians. A few millenniums before Christ, our ancestors had a thorough knowledge of the starry sky, an annual solar cycle, seasons, based on which the commemoration major dates were formed including celebrations, rituals, and in general the whole way of life, which have survived to our days. Observatories-sanctuaries - places of exact time were used to keep calendars.

The sanctuary is located on the southern slope of Ternoshora Mountain on a natural eight-meter stone circle. It has the form of an elongated mountain slope. It is formed by huge sandstone cliffs. The most bizarre rock is known among the local population as the "Head of Dovbush" and in the scientific world as the "Ternoshorska Lada". This grand statue, facing east, weighing over 100 tons and over 10 meters in height, looks like pregnant woman. According to M. Kuhutiak and S. Pushik, this sanctuary is dedicated to the mother-woman, the divine Lada, who personified abundance and fertility. The presence of a nearby sacrificial pit, a sun disk and other human-made or partially worked out stones indicate that the Ternoshora sanctuary was a calendar at the same time. In this context, according to popular beliefs and celebrations, a pregnant woman and other objects marked the birth of a new Sun God. The event was identified with the victory of the day (Bilobog/White God) over the night (Chornobog/Dark God). From this sacred point, the Sun "turned" into summer. Interestingly, the Roman Empire (BC) also celebrated the birthday of the Sun, on December 25.

The entire Ternoshora rock complex covers an area of about 4 thousand square meters. The height of the rocks reaches 40 meters. The monument has a complex structure. Two vertical plates together form a circle of giant sizes. Its diameter is about 8 meters. A circle, resembling a solar disk, has a schematic view of the head of a zoomorphic creature, most likely - the head of a lion with the characteristic image of frowned eyes, wide nose, muzzle, split in half by a two-meter stream coming down to the earth. The upper part of the circle has a kind of meander solar "crown", similar to a lion's mane

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