The Transfiguration of Christ Church

Spas village, Kolomyia district

The Spas village (formerly Ispas) is located in the foothills of the Carpathians along the Pistynka River. Life had been flourishing in these areas since the ancient times. The expedition of the famous Ukrainian archaeologist Larysa Krushelnytska had found the "large fortified settlement" of Trypillia farmers here. Ispas, as a village, was first mentioned in the written documents in 1433. There was a monastery in this area in the XIV-XV centuries. The Transfiguration Church was built here between 1589 and 1616, but it was burned down in the 1620s during the devastating Turkish-Tatar attacks on Pokuttia, when Ispas was completely burned. Afterwards a new temple-chapel was built by religious parishioners.

At the end of the XVIII century the population of the Spas village had increased. The small Church could not meet the spiritual needs of all residents, so the community decided to build a new Church. In 1811 a new unique, wooden, five-dome Church with a shingled roof was built. After reconstruction in 1853 the building got a modern look.

The Church is located in the northern part of the village. The building is large, cross-shaped with five domes. In 1972 the shingled roof was galvanized with sheet metal.

Today it is a functioning Church, which belongs to the UGCC community.

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