Vyhoda Narrow Gauge Heritage Center

66 Danylo Halytskyi Street, Vyhoda village
Vyhoda UTC (United Territorial Community), Dolyna district


The unique interpretive visit center and the museum is operating since 2016. It is located in a building directly related to the Vyhoda narrow-gauge railway. Built in 1855 - it is an oldest building in the village, after the village church. It served as the residence to Austrian businessman Baron Leopold Popper von Podgari, the founder of Narrow Gauge. Guests are invited to view an interactive exposition, that tells about the local nature, the Carpathian forest ecosystem, local history - the forest development and woodworking industry around Vyhoda, the occurrence of the Vyhoda Narrow Gauge, ethnography, folk crafts etc. The center will also inform you about local attractions, help you to book accommodation, purchase maps, other interpretative literature, or rent active tourism equipment. Currently, you can use basic kits to observe nature - binoculars, magnifiers, and explore the biological characteristics of plants or animals, at the cell or macro level under microscopes. The center also has a natural school for young visitors.


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