Waterfall "Probiy"

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Yaremche town
GPS coordinates: 48.4392331, 24.53973510000003

Within the canyon-shaped section of the Prut river valley there is a cascade of rapids, that end up with a 5 m waterfall (according to other data - 8 m). The "Probii" is considered one of the most water-abundant waterfalls in the Ukrainian Carpathians. Its water falls at an inclination angle of almost 45 degrees; it attracts attention by the incredible power and energy. This place is one of the most visited natural attractions in the Carpathians.

There is also a large and deep low spot, where downstream flow is much calmer.

Just above the waterfall, there is a 20 meters high bridge. It is convenient to admire beautiful waterfall from this place. Cliffs called "Dovbush Rocks" (up to 20 m high) and the so-called Gothic folds are located nearby. On the right bank of the Prut river, in the rocky cliff, there are laminated rocks of upper cretaceous (absolute age 60-75 million years old), that are contorted into beautiful gothic form folds. They were formed because of side pressure and horizontal movement of rocks to the northeast during Carpathian folded system formation process.

According to one version, once the height of water reached up to 25 m. However, for the convenience of the wooden logs rafting down the river, the "Probiy" was blown up and thus reduced in its height

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