Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Photo by NGO "Eco-Halych"

1 Halytska Street, Krylos village, Halych district
GPS coordinates: 49.08575 24.692844

Wild Animals Rehabilitation Centers are an important and an integral part of the National parks in Europe and in the whole world. Their main function is artificial breeding and returning rare native species to the wild life, the rehabilitation of sick animals and the lifelong keeping of disabled animals. Such centers play an important role in forming growing generation environmental awareness and humane treatment of everything alive.

Since 2007, the Wild Life Rehabilitation and Re-Introduction Center has been operating in the Halych National Nature Park. Sick or disabled under different circumstances animals are rescued here. Animals that are born or have been in captivity for a long time and cannot procure food by themselves any more also live in the Center.

Only animals that cannot survive in the wild nature are kept here; proper conditions of their staying are created for them, as close as possible to their existence at outside life; after treatment and rehabilitation, only animals that can survive on their own are released from the Center.

Today, over a hundred hectares of forest are occupied by one hundred species of animals and birds.

The center is a popular destination for travelers’ leisure. Families with children often come here to relax.