Zhenets Huk Waterfall

Photo at photographers.ua

Zhenets tract, behind Tatariv and Mykulychyn villages, Yaremche City Council
GPS coordinates: 48.3908853 24.499437100000023


Zhenets (or Zhenetskyi) Huk waterfall (900 m about the sea level) is located on the stream Zhenets (left tributary of Prut River), on the territory of the Carpathian National Nature Park.

It was formed after the Second World War due to the flood and the slope caused by it. Water drops freely from a height of 15 m.

Locals called the waterfall Huk due to the noise coming from it. However, there are several waterfalls in the Carpathians with the name "Huk", so Zhenetskyi also received the name of the stream on which it is located

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